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The Label Company Materials & Printing

The Label Company Materials & Printing

The Label Company uses the best materials with the most advanced printing and finishing techniques to produce a wide range of products that meet your needs. The Label Company combines the best materials with the most advanced printing and finishing techniques to produce a wide range of high quality Lexan® polycarbonate labels, polyester labels and vinyl labels.


Polycarbonate (Lexan®)

Available from 3mil up to 20mil thick.


Polyester (Mylar®)

Available in clear, white, silver (gray), or chrome (shiny).


Vinyl (P.V.C.)

Available in red, yellow, blue, clear, white, or black


Recyclable Materials

Make your label printing projects eco-friendly and sustainable



No matter the type of label, we have paper you need

The Label Company assists customers in choosing the best label solutions from a wide variety of industry-leading printing techniques and capabilities–from foil stamping/hot stamping (in many colors) to finishing and adhesives. With over 50 years of cumulative experience in label manufacturing, The Label Company experts ensure your polycarbonate label, polyester label, or vinyl label is manufactured with the best substrates and adhesives for your specific application and environment.

As an example, a label that functions in both hot and cold environments will require a different substrate and/or adhesive than one that operates in a static environment. The Label Company experts understand that if a label is applied to a powder-coated surface it requires a more aggressive adhesive. These are just two of the many variables that are considered when choosing the proper label materials, adhesives, and printing techniques.

High-quality Materials Options from 3M, Flexcon and Fasson

  • Polycarbonate (Lexan®) available from 3 mm. up to 20 mm. thick
  • Polyester (Mylar®) available in clear, white, silver (gray), or chrome (shiny)
  • Vinyl (P.V.C.) available in red, yellow, blue, clear, white, or black
  • Kimdura, Polyimide (Kapton®), Polypropylene (Optiflex®), Static Cling
  • Bi Orientated Polypropylene (BOPP)
  • Durable Films for harsh environments (call to discuss your needs)
  • Matte litho paper, semi gloss paper, thermal paper, latex paper for water resistance
  • Opaque paper for cover-up (block out) of pre-existing information
  • Fluorescent paper available in red, orange, or green
  • Metallic paper available in gold (shiny) or silver (shiny)
  • Void or checker box patterned in white (gloss or matte) and chrome (shiny)
  • Tamper-proof, magnetic, waterproof, destructible vinyl

Label Printing Techniques/Capabilities

  • Roll or individual labels
  • Silk screen printing
  • Digital printing
  • CMYK process printing
  • 4-color printing
  • Variable info printing
  • Serial numbering
  • Barcoding
  • UL and UL969 approved, CSA certified, RoHs compliant

Label Foil Stamping/Hot Stamping

  • All available in many colors, permanent and removable
  • Matte or gloss stamped labels
  • Fluorescent stamped labels
  • Photo-luminescent stamped labels
  • Pearlescent stamped labels
  • Metallic stamped labels
  • Holographic stamped labels

Label Finishing

  • Laminating available in gloss, matte, computer printable or flexible
  • Electronic cutting
  • Die-cutting with over a thousand pre-existing dies
  • Butt-cutting
  • Perforations (in or between labels)
  • Embossing or debossing
  • Doming epoxy

Label Adhesives

  • Removable
  • Permanent
  • Static Clings
  • Low Tack
  • Low or high temperature resistant
  • Grease and oil exposure and resistant

By knowing the right questions to ask before production, the experts at The Label Company ensure each customer’s polycarbonate label, polyester label, or vinyl label is a proper fit for their product’s requirements.We have a broad range of materials and printing options and the skill sets to help choose the best solution for a specific product’s requirements. As a result, The Label Company has become the leading California polycarbonate label, polyester label and vinyl label company.

For UL approved, CSA Certified, and RoHS Compliant labels, contact the Label Company today. Learn why manufacturers in Southern California and nationwide who are looking for high quality, competitively priced polycarbonate labels, polyester labels, or vinyl labels have made us their custom label printing company of choice.