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Lexan® Graphic Overlay

Lexan® Graphic Overlay

This is an example of a Lexan® Graphic Overlay produced by The Label Company. Silkscreen labels are ideal for tough, outdoor areas, such as construction sites or utility areas. Warning signs and instruction labels are the most common of silkscreen labels. The specialty inks used in silk screen labels prevent fading from the sun and also hold up very well to moisture and scuffing.

Silkscreen printing produces some very interesting effects that are not possible using other printing methods.

Polycarbonate (Lexan® ) is used as a printing substrate for nameplate and other forms of industrial grade under printed products. Polycarbonate (Lexan® ) provides a barrier to wear, the elements, and fading.

The inks used in silkscreen printing are very durable because they are sub-surface printed (Printed on the backside of the material).

Lexan® Graphic Overlay Details
  • Company: Harris Dracon

  • Label Type: 5.250'' x 1.062''

  • Material: 10 Mil Lexan®

  • Adhesive: 3M 467

  • Colors: B/G Blue PMS432C & White Text

From simple and elegant to bold and colorful, custom product labels come in a wide variety of styles, allowing for the product’s personality and appeal to the largest number of consumers. Effective labelling enhances the company's 'brand' or the identity of a product, service or business helping to create an emotional, social or cultural connection between the company and it's customers.

Competitively priced, professionally designed and produced digitally printed (four color process) labels, Lexan® graphic overlays and roll labels are just some of the services we offer! Manufacturers know that The Label Company's investment in the latest equipment, combined with our many years of experience, means they will consistently get the best digitally printed four color process labels, Lexan® graphic overlays and roll labels possible.