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The Label Company Artwork Upload

Guidelines for Label Artwork Submission

  • PREFER: Vector (.ai, .eps, .cdr or .pdf with 'Editing Enabled').
  • If done in Photoshop/Photopaint (.psd, .tiff or .pdf) make artwork to size and ale to edit.
  • Static images at highest quality (300 dpi + .jpeg, .png, .pdf, etc.) make to actual size.
  • Text in vector files, please use outlines or provide fonts with artwork files for editing.
  • Please provide .125'' Bleed on all background artwork.
  • All files should be designed and submitted in CMYK mode (not RGB) - otherwise automatic conversion will occur when we send the files to press and significant color shifts may occur.
  • Please check all artwork for spelling or typing mistakes as we DO NOT proofread artwork.

Guidelines for Label Artwork Uploads

The maximum file size per download is 5 Megabytes. To send multiple files, you can either use a .zip or .rar file that contains the multiple files or wait until each file uploads successful and then simply refresh the page and attach the next file you wish to upload.

Artwork Upload

Additional Guidelines for Label Artwork Submission

General Graphic Design Requirements
- Please ensure that artwork resolution is a minimum of 300 dpi. Higher resolution is preferred, whenever possible
- Please include all fonts and images in label design as additional separate files. (if possible)
- Please convert all scalable type to outlines, curves or paths.
Native Artwork Documents
Whenever possible, we prefer to receive artwork in its native design document. This helps us to make minor design changes for the purpose of optimizing printed label output. We can accept files in the following software versions: PC: Adobe CS2, Adobe Illustrator CS5, CorelDraw X3.

Additional Accepted File Formats: .bmp, .eps, .tif, .pdf
Artwork Remediation
If for some reason you are unable to submit artwork in at least 300 dpi resolution or if you are not able to submit artwork in a format that will result in high-quality printing, we may be able to use lesser quality artwork to produce your labels. However we may need to charge an hourly fee for our work to improve your artwork graphics. We will contact you promptly after receive your artwork if this is the case.
Printed Samples
In addition to sending a digital file, we would like to recieve a color print-out of your label design. Or, in the case of a previously printed label, we would like to receive a sample of the label you would like us to reproduce. Note: If exact color-matching is critical, please supply us with a color sample and note PMS&ref; color.
We provide a standard black and white PDF print-out of your artwork for approval. Color-matched proofs are available upon request for a fee. Fee is dependant on the number of colors.